Terms and Conditions


After reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, please fill and sign our Pet and Owner Details Form.

Print here or take one from us in our reception.



All dogs MUST be up to date with all annual inoculations and a valid vaccination certificate produced on day

of drop off. Kennel cough is not a required vaccination but if you choose to have this inoculation then it

needs to be administered at least 14 DAYS prior to your dog boarding with us. Please also be aware that if you do

have this vaccine it is not a guarantee that your dog won't contract Kennel Cough (Canine Infectious

Bronchitis) Wild meadow Boarding Kennels will not be responsible for any dog who contracts Kennel Cough.

All dogs must be covered by a known flea and worming treatment before they are boarded. Dogs that arrive with fleas or worms will be treated accordingly and the cost will be passed on to the owner.

Wild meadow will not be held responsible if your dog contracts fleas or worms whilst staying here.

In the event of an emergency or illness Wild meadow will attempt to contact the owner or emergency contact. if no contact can be made then the decision will be made by Wild meadow as to the course of action. If your usual vets is local then we will make every attempt to get your dog seen there. If this is not possible we will take them to our designated veterinary surgery SEVERN EDGE.

Owners should declare any history of illness.

Any veterinary fees incurred during your dogs stay due to injury or illness whilst in our care are to be paid by the owner. If illness or injury is deemed to be caused by the neglect of Wild meadow then fees will be

claimed back from our insurer. The owner agrees to be charged reasonable time and travel expenses taken by Wild Meadow staff for Vet journeys.

Any prescribed medication to be supplied by the owner with clear instructions for dosage.

Owner agrees that Wild meadow may contact dogs registered vet for any details in case of an emergency.

Owner agrees to give permission for Wild meadow to sign in owners absence for any emergency treatment required whilst dog is in their care.

Bitches who are in season or pregnant are boarded at the owners own risk.


Business hours are : Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 11.00am and 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Sunday and Spring / Summer Bank Holidays 4.00pm - 6.00pm

No drop offs or pick ups out of these hours unless previously discussed and at the discretion of Wildmeadow.


Boarding fees are payable upon drop off of your dogs stay. Alternatively, Immediate payment on pick-up may be acceptable if agreed by Wild Meadow. This is either payable By Cash or Bank Transfer to Paul and Clare Brunn. Sort Code 11 06 99. Account number 0043 0891

A 20% deposit may be required to secure your booking. Once we have received your deposit we will confirm your booking.

Failure to cancel your booking with at least 7 days notice will result in the loss of the deposit.

Owner is required to pay for the whole duration of the reservation subject to terms below .

If you return early to collect your pet then payment is still due for the runs you have reserved. If you return more than 5 days early then Wild Meadow will charge you up to a maximum of 5 further days and any remainder will be waivered.

Fees are charged at full day and half day rates. E.G drop off in the morning is a full day. Drop off in the afternoon is half day. Pick up in the morning half day, pick up pm is a full day. All days in-between are

charged as full days.


We are more than happy for you to bring bedding and toys for your dog but hold no responsibility if these items are chewed or destroyed whilst they are in our care. We will remove any items that we feel could

result in harm to your dog.

Dogs sharing kennels from the same house/family do so at the owners risk. Wild meadow won't be held responsible for any injuries caused by one dog to another. If Wild meadow deems it necessary then dogs will

be moved to separate kennels and owner will be charged accordingly.

Whilst we offer a limited range of food we encourage you to bring your dogs usual food. This helps prevent any unnecessary stomach upsets. We ask that you label your dogs food.

Wild meadow reserve the right to refuse any dog if they are not suitable to be boarded at our facility. We will do everything we can to make your dogs stay enjoyable but if they display any signs of aggression or

suffer with severe anxiety then we will require you or your emergency contact to come and collect them.


Data Protection Notice and Permission to hold contact details for all clients of Wild meadow Boarding

Kennels as filed with the General Data Protection Register.

To comply with the current legislation we must tell you what personal data we hold about you, why we hold it and have your permission to retain it. We store data about clients to ensure we can contact them by mail, telephone or email:

In an emergency

About booking reminders

Any data we hold will not be provided to any other person or business except as required by law.

*You may request to see all the personal data we hold on you.

*We only keep your data for the reasons outlined above.

*We destroy your data if we have had no contact with you for 7 years

*For the smooth and efficient running of Wild meadow Boarding Kennels we need to keep a record of

Your name

Your address

Your landline and mobile numbers

Your email address

Contact details of another responsible person in case of emergency

The details of your pet/s

The name and telephone number of your veterinary surgeon.


By signing the Pet and Owner details form you agree to Wild Meadows Terms and Conditions. You agree that Wild Meadow are permitted to contact your veterinary surgeon or named emergency contact as necessary: